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Super Sako
Super Sako

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LA-based Armenian rapper and producer Super Sako has signed an exclusive global record deal with BMG ahead of the release of his forthcoming album. The first single ‘Tik Tok’ is a collaboration with Egyptian actor and rapper Mohamed Ramadan. While ‘Tik Tok’ is about time, the title of the track is also a nod to the video-sharing platform of the same name.

Super Sako first made a name for himself with the single 'Mi Gna' (Armenian for 'Don't Go') from his album Love Crimes. Originally uploaded to AMprom without a music video, the song, which features French rapper Maître Gims, was an instant hit across Armenia, Turkey and the Arab region, as well as in several European countries, reaching over 300 million views.

The release of Super Sako’s upcoming fourth album Beautiful Mess is scheduled for later this year.