How not to take things personally? | Frederik Imbo | TEDxMechelen

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Frederik Imbo studied theatre at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and has acted in lots of television series. He founded Imboorling and now has over 15 years' experience in stimulating and supporting people. With the aim of improving their communication skills Frederik gives presentations, workshops, training courses and personal coaching sessions to anyone prepared to make their two ears available.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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    PowerMotivator Kamalkant Bithle

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    Phu Thiy

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    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

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    It's Not About Me ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Faisal Al-Enizi

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    Finally Prince Charles has a TED Talk video!

  • vera ella

    vera ella

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    16:58 thank me later :) Great TED TALK😎I know I’ll be so much happier in life, if I do not take things personally...

  • Names Demean Us Both

    Names Demean Us Both

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    This slaps harder when you watch it in the bath hugging your favorite bathing toaster...

  • hank hanegraaff 2021

    hank hanegraaff 2021

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    the lecture doesn't impress me very much.

  • abc


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    The talk was very good interesting!
    But the background noise is very annoying/ unpleasant ..

  • Alp Can Aras

    Alp Can Aras

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    Great guy, his voice, vocal tone and body language is so positive. Helped me a lot, thank you sir

  • Jessica Mariano

    Jessica Mariano

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    when he said when you take things personally it connects to your childhood bro...

  • Zarina Suleimanova

    Zarina Suleimanova

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    I adore this video. I do want to change myself. As an English-learner I want to say thanks for subtitles and his perfect pronunciation. How easy to understand when people speak correctly with pauses.

  • Asha Azfar

    Asha Azfar

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    Lovely presenter and speaker and such a strong point - Great video!

  • TXP9


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    Jocko Willink has an interesting take on this. He says he takes most things personally, but he doesn’t show it. There’s people that he worked with in the Navy Seals that he absolutely hated, but he never let them know it. He treated the people he hated the same as he treated the people he liked.

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    👏👏 Bravo

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    Brilliant! So simple yet quite profound :)

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    Dmitry D.

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    OMG I love TEDX but never have patience to watch these videos till the end. Is this ADD or what? I am not in rush now but still don't have patience and just want to know the answer in 1 minute max. Anyone feels the same way?

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    Emily Sarah

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  • Emily Sarah

    Emily Sarah

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    vi need a spell caster to bring back my ex

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    Dilshod Rizayev

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    I think you tube just cared about me

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    Namila Chathuranga

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    A superb speech that was ❤️

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    Mehdi M

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    Oh wow! You should be a psychologist! excellent presentation by the way! I like it.

  • Queen Eva

    Queen Eva

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    I want to send this to a fiend of mine but I can’t because she will take it personally lol

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    I want to send this to someone so bad... But I KNOW they'll take it VERY personally. I'm just gonna wait for the next time he takes something personally and send it then lmao

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    Just Me

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    Fantastic ending. Very poignant.

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    Kamz May

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    Safe my day... ❤️😬

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    superb! Fabulous!
    last seconds has made a great sense.

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    Nini Sharashidze

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    O my god
    I was 100% in it!
    Amazing talk
    Thank you

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    Temirlan Kasmaliev

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    Truly epic ending

  • depderrty


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    This is a very rich talk.

  • Charlotte Ye

    Charlotte Ye

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    I feel a little uncomfortable with the excessive negative emotion and feelings Frederik unveiled about himself in this talk, but then I realize he was expressing himself in a very sincere way and decided not to be affected by other people’s criticism — that is the ego or personal value he was keeping talking about. And I think he did it in not taking things personally himself! Great speaker~
    What also inspired me in this talk, apart from not taking things personally as an individual, people also need to reflect on their ways of judging others and make more respect for the world. Keep a balance in expressing oneself and understanding others~ Good luck on our journey in living a happier life!

  • victor manuel avendaño melchor

    victor manuel avendaño melchor

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    Sometimes; it is really hard to have the control of our emotions, I'm 42 and get heated easily, I hate this; younger I used to fight for nothing sometimes. I will practice not to take things personally and I know that I have to meditate deeply to achive it.

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    David Sinar L

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    20 euros per match??? that's ridiculous, the league makes so much money, how awful

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    Pauline Lee

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    Ok I will not take it personally and take it personally.

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    Thank youuu, I loved ittt😭❤❤

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    There should be more people like him...

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    Best TED talk ever. You won't regret watching it

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    Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

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    Veerendra Sarovar

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    Great presentation 🙏. First 16 minutes = Last 1.5 minutes 😎

  • Peter Lloyd

    Peter Lloyd

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    Who is this buffoon?

  • Ashok Mudliar

    Ashok Mudliar

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    thank you fred

  • Faabiha khan

    Faabiha khan

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    The end bit really hit.

  • KyaraExMachina


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    Anytime I want to feel bad about myself I just listen to a TED Talk.

  • Angus Wheaton

    Angus Wheaton

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    Thanks for this Frederik. I just ran a football coaching session yesterday and it was informally assessed without any real prior notice. Myself and the other coach got slammed by the assessor. I'm qualified in training and assessment myself and felt although the assessment was correct, it was not delivered in a fair manner. I have taken it all personally. This has helped me deal with it on a day when I'm considering giving the coaching with this organisation away, which would mean letting down twenty young players and their parents. I'm very glad I came along this presentation at exactly the right time.

  • Gonzo Gutierrez

    Gonzo Gutierrez

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    Why does he sound British and French at the same time? I think the talk so far though.



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    this is deff KDBs dad, from Belgium too

  • Joey


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    im right is the big problem with soeity right now lol

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    Jesus loves you

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    Cookie Monster

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    This hits hard when you feel bad about yourself

    • Zee Avi

      Zee Avi

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      Try not to take it personally. 🍪

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    שוקי וקסלר

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    Brilliant. thank you!

  • cancer dr

    cancer dr

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    "Ego is the enemy "as in the book by same name .

  • Nishtha Sharma

    Nishtha Sharma

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    Very informative! Emotional training should be a part of parenting and school/college curriculum.

  • Shantanu Kadiyali

    Shantanu Kadiyali

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    6:54 is when the tips start

  • May Hai

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  • Seun


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    I am offended that Youtube thinks I take things personally. I mean, why recommend this.

    • Ern Tellez

      Ern Tellez

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      It’s not about you, it’s about AMprom’s intention

  • shane


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    soooo..did he give the guy the 20 euros???? lol

  • May Hai

    May Hai

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    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

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    Clutch Cargo

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    Excellent talk - thx - this was a big help !

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    Rachel Buquet

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    Is this man taken?! What a gem!

  • mimosa pudica

    mimosa pudica

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    wow this is one of my super favorite ted talks!! it made me feel a little better about myself. thank you so much for this, sir!! 💕

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    VRidgeLand Scaping

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    Why can't they teach this stuff in school? Could have saved me years of unnecessary pain thinking everything is about me. 😭😪😭

  • Romantico Poeta

    Romantico Poeta

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    "Seems like crowd its more busy on there iphones.

    • Ashley Stanford

      Ashley Stanford

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      Is that because you can't hear them? Probably because how the mics and sound are set up

  • BlueSkies AndClouds

    BlueSkies AndClouds

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    A very clear, engaging and structured talk with a powerful finish! I also love the smooth transitions from one subject to another — had my attention from start to finish. Thank you! 😊 👏

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    Seva Team

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    Alexandra Holden

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    Thank you. In a time such as this your words speak volumes

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    Malak Wesam

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    It was outstanding speech ❤️

  • Tricia Shortridge

    Tricia Shortridge

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    Wow! His speech was very entertaining and spot on. I have the same things he described.

  • Roman Boyzov Photography & Videography

    Roman Boyzov Photography & Videography

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    Great leason



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    But being neglected by loved one hurts

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    Viraj Gorde

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    He sold himself with his last act!

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    Unfunny Bunny

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    I could listen to him talk about anything and everything. He has so much positive energy!

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    Thanks a lot! ❤️🙏

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    Addakula Ashok

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    Why I thinking if I commented something here what others think

  • falloutgirl 65

    falloutgirl 65

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    This video helps a lot I used to take Soo many things personally

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    the last line is the essential

  • miss aery

    miss aery

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    The real question is, does he use the same 20 euros everytime he gives his talk

  • Carpediem06


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    the thumbnail looks like Prince Harry.. and im like.. oh.. isn't he the epitomy of currently taking things personally

  • Matthew Arcati

    Matthew Arcati

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    The secret is to stop caring !

  • Alejandro Flaño

    Alejandro Flaño

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    im taking the silence of the audience personally

  • Frances Oleander

    Frances Oleander

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    I especially love the last part of his speech!

  • Marvini Pereira

    Marvini Pereira

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    Ted Talk shoud invite David Goggins

  • Kalle Quist

    Kalle Quist

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    If u take it personally why should I listen to u? Goodbye

  • bonnie jean

    bonnie jean

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    For those who have been " victims " of " cancel culture ", we must remember, we still have value.

    • Ammar Kapasi

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      What happened..

  • May Hai

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  • Prince Flip

    Prince Flip

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    I hope Mj doesn't see this video 😮

  • D-DUB


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    This is the most connected I have felt with someone in months. Wow. Frederik is an excellent speaker and this topic is what I have struggled with the most through life. I always know the talk has made a lasting imprint if it's got me tearing up with happiness at the end lol. Like finding a solution to what eats at you the most.... or at least a two-way approach to handling it. Thank you so much.

  • Mohd Shahnawaz

    Mohd Shahnawaz

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    Absolutely loved this video. Thank you so much for this valuable information:)

  • Liliane Beeckman

    Liliane Beeckman

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    Het probleem is dat we dat vrijwel allemaal doen.

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    Horrible feedback and ringing in this video. Almost can’t watch. Nothing personal

  • Andrew Moncada

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